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20 April 2018 / by Team Vivi posted in Education, Technology, Teaching

The Vivi app is intuitive to use and accessing its features are only a couple clicks away.

However, we know teachers are multitaskers and like their students, are ongoing learners of technology.

So, we've prepared three posters for you to hang in your classrooms and meeting spaces to assist staff, students and visitors.

How to Connect to Vivi:

Want to know how to download the Vivi app and start mirroring your screen?

This poster shows you how to access Vivi's wonderful features. The best thing is, you don't need to create a special password, as it will be the same as your school login details!

Vivi How to Connect Poster A4



How to Access Vivi's Features:

This infographic shows you all the exciting ways Vivi enables your class to be more interactive than ever before.

Curious to discover what all of the buttons and settings do? Well, take a look at this poster or better yet, get your students to help you and learn with them! 

 Vivi App Features Poster A4




How to Connect to Clickview via Vivi:

We know that teachers love to show videos in their classrooms and with Clickview the resources are plentiful.

This poster shows you how to play videos from Clickview via the Vivi app. This means your device won't be occupied by the video stream. And better yet, you can operate the video from anywhere in the room!

Vivi_ClickViewHowto_A3 (2)

Download HERE

See more examples of ways Vivi can enhance your teaching, students' learning and create a fun class environment.

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