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Vivi is a wireless presentation technology that supports education facilities through an assortment of pedagogical, functional, technical and administrational benefits. It you are looking for easy-to-implement, cost-effective and technology-leading solutions then it might be time to subscribe to a new school of thought. Vivi is a HESaaS company leading the charge in the EdTech world. Not all technology solutions are alike, so it’s important to test and evaluate different options to determine what’s right for your school.

Recent Posts

Do Public Schools Have Room in Their Budgets For Wireless Education Technology?

15 January 2020 / by Team Vivi

For a lot of public schools, making the most of a limited budget is an ongoing challenge. 

The constant battle to find the funds required to source the latest equipment, resources and learning environments
can be a cause of ongoing frustration. 

Plus, 21st Century classrooms are now predominantly driven by technology and multimedia platforms designed to significantly improve student learning outcomes. Education technology (EdTech) has been used in classrooms for some time now, with significant advancements moving the technology beyond a simple one-dimensional presentation tool. These days, EdTech solutions include wireless screen mirroring, student interactivity, formative assessment, emergency broadcast and more. 

Yet, with public schools battling to balance the budget, classroom technology can often be the first to be compromised. 

This doesn’t have to be the case, however. 

In this blog, we look at how public schools can benefit from classroom technology without blowing the budget. 
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2.5 Release Blog

4 December 2019 / by Team Vivi

When our customers speak, we listen. And that’s exactly how our new release of features evolved from pipe dream to reality.

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Empower Your Teachers to Deliver Personalized Learning with the Student Feedback Tool

6 August 2019 / by Team Vivi

Evolution of Vivi

Since launching just over three years ago, Vivi has evolved significantly from a wireless screen mirroring product to a classroom engagement solution. Today, Vivi delivers a suite of classroom management tools that support teacher productivity and encourage student participation and engagement.

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Welcome to Vivi Central

30 May 2019 / by Team Vivi

Welcome to Vivi Central, the new Vivi administration platform reimagined and redesigned.

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Realize the True Potential of Flexible Learning Spaces & Quickly Queue Videos with Vivi 2.3

5 March 2019 / by Team Vivi

In today’s 21st Century classrooms, flexible learning spaces and the ability to seamlessly move between digital resources during a lesson are crucial to a successful learning environment.

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4 Easy Ways to Give Guest Access

20 December 2018 / by Team Vivi

Guest access to Vivi has been made easy thanks to our Guest Code feature, which allows a temporary code to be generated that gives external visitors the same capabilities and access to the Vivi App features as a presenter (for the specific room), apart from being able to create more guest codes.

Guest presenters can access your Vivi-enabled displays without having to waste time being registered as a user, making your class or meeting more efficient. All they’ll need is to be connected to your schools’ WiFi network.

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Vivi 2.2 Delivers Enhancements to the App Interface Plus Chromebook Optimization

4 December 2018 / by Team Vivi

With the release of Vivi 2.2, changes have been made to the App interface to give teachers added control over feature settings at an individual presenter level. These changes particularly benefit Vivi users in shared classrooms and prevent teachers from having to inherit settings from previous presenters.

Further to this, we have also optimized the Vivi Chromebook experience, improving performance on these popular machines and delivering on our commitment to be a truly cross-platform solution.

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Vivi 2.1 Promotes an Effective & Collaborative Learning Environment

30 October 2018 / by Team Vivi

Announcing a number of exciting additions to our current suite of features.

Our latest enhancements will further enrich your Vivi experience, give teachers more opportunities to teach from anywhere in the room and encourage greater student engagement during lessons.

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Teacher Stories: One way Vivi has changed how I teach

19 October 2018 / by Team Vivi

Vivi was built with in-depth consultation from educators, and we continue to seek feedback from schools all around the world. Different teachers use the system in different ways but what we hear, again and again, is that Vivi is much more than a convenient piece of technology, it’s changing the way that they teach. 

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Optimize your Vivi solution with our 2.0 firmware release

11 September 2018 / by Team Vivi

Our latest release is packed full of features designed to optimize your schools’ Vivi experience, by giving you greater control in configuring our solution to your school’s needs and network.

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