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Vivi is a wireless presentation technology that supports education facilities through an assortment of pedagogical, functional, technical and administrational benefits. It you are looking for easy-to-implement, cost-effective and technology-leading solutions then it might be time to subscribe to a new school of thought. Vivi is a HESaaS company leading the charge in the EdTech world. Not all technology solutions are alike, so it’s important to test and evaluate different options to determine what’s right for your school.

Recent Posts

Stream directly to classrooms with new Live Broadcast

3 April 2020 / by Team Vivi

As social distancing becomes the new norm we’ve all had to get creative with how we work, communicate, and teach. At Vivi, we went into overdrive to meet the needs of many schools adapting to this new reality.  Live Broadcast is one part of a new feature that we have accelerated ahead of our next major release. Still in beta, Live Broadcast enables schools to display live broadcasts via the Vivi Box. To keep things simple, it works seamlessly with third party software. 

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How R U? A new virtual tool to check on student wellbeing

2 April 2020 / by Team Vivi

Schools and students have had to make significant adjustments to the way they teach and learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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5 Ways Education Technology Can Improve Equity In The Classroom

5 March 2020 / by Team Vivi

Educators strive to provide the best learning experience for every student. But this can be difficult when not all students arrive in the classroom with the same readiness to learn. 

Some students arrive to class hungry and tired. Others feel ill-prepared for the demands of the day. They may lack the necessary resources to succeed or experience any one of many external disadvantages. 
All educators do their best to create an equitable classroom experience so all students have an opportunity to succeed. And utilizing the right education technology can significantly help achieve this. 

Here are five ways technology is helping education regain its status as the “great equalizer.”

1) Equal access to devices
The digital divide is shrinking. Most Americans, according to PEW research, have a smartphone. But when it comes to accessing technology at home for educational purposes, the divide is still significant. research showed that only 54 percent of low-income Americans have a desktop or laptop at home, in contrast to 80 percent of people who fall into the middle-income category. 

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School Spotlight: Aurora School

28 February 2020 / by Team Vivi

For this edition of QuickView: Profile, we are showcasing Aurora School from Melbourne, Australia.

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Vivi Partners with Google for Education

25 February 2020 / by Team Vivi

Vivi International has recently  joined the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative. 

This partnership will provide a boost for schools, whose users can now link their Google account with Vivi to enjoy a greater range of media and cloud integrations, making their Vivi experience even more seamless.

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Why Your School Should Invest in Wireless Screen Mirroring

11 February 2020 / by Team Vivi

When it comes to careers, there is no question our children are heading into the unknown.

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Wireless Screen Mirroring is a Must-Have for 21st Century Classrooms

3 February 2020 / by Team Vivi

5 Steps to Guarantee User Adoption. 

At this point in the 21st Century, there is little need to nag about the importance of technology in the classroom. Teachers know the benefits of projecting complex math equations or displaying a visual of the world map during geography. Classroom technology helps both teachers and students engage with the lesson in a more complete manner.

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Do Public Schools Have Room in Their Budgets For Wireless Screen Mirroring Technology?

15 January 2020 / by Team Vivi

For a lot of public schools, making the most of a limited budget is an ongoing challenge. 

The constant battle to find the funds required to source the latest equipment, resources and learning environments
can be a cause of ongoing frustration. 

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2.5 Release Blog

4 December 2019 / by Team Vivi

When our customers speak, we listen. And that’s exactly how our new release of features evolved from pipe dream to reality.

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Empower Your Teachers to Deliver Personalized Learning with the Student Feedback Tool

6 August 2019 / by Team Vivi

Evolution of Vivi

Since launching just over three years ago, Vivi has evolved significantly from a wireless screen mirroring product to a classroom engagement solution. Today, Vivi delivers a suite of classroom management tools that support teacher productivity and encourage student participation and engagement.

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