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The Vivi Admin Portal

The Admin Portal allows you to maintain your fleet of Vivis centrally, manage your Vivi users and see metrics on how Vivi is being used at your school.

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Active Directory

Vivi supports Active Directory (LDAP and SAML), allowing you to connect directly to your pre-existing user database.  Users can sign in with their existing credentials and will inherit appropriate roles depending on the groups they are assigned to in your organization’s Active Directory.

This simplifies ongoing user management because you do not need to maintain a separate user management system for Vivi. If you aren’t using Active Directory, you can assign roles and manage users directly in the Admin Portal.   

Guest Access

It’s easy with Vivi to allow temporary presenters to use the Vivi system at your school. Guest Codes can be created from the App by a teacher and from the Admin Portal by an Admin. Codes created in the App are tied to the room that the teacher is in when the Guest Code is generated and can be allocated for between 1-24 hours. Guest Codes created in the Admin Portal are valid until any set time and are valid for all rooms in the organization.

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Location and Room

Our Admin Portal provides two layers of hierarchy when it comes to organizing rooms. First, you can set up a location – this is used by schools that have different campuses, or perhaps want to differentiate between buildings on the same campus.  Next, you can set-up room names based on whatever naming convention you prefer. Then assign those rooms to a specific location.

Room Access & Set-up

You can set up default access modes for each of your rooms. For instance, if you have Vivis in a shared area like a library, open access controls might be enabled, compared to a classroom, where the teacher is in control of the display access. Rooms are also used to set-up functionality like multi-screen sharing.

Room Activity Logging

From the room view, admins can see a history of user interactions and device events, useful for diagnosing issues and occasionally identifying misuse.


60-Second Heartbeat

It’s important you know a Vivi receiver has gone offline before your teachers walk into the classroom. Our receiver sends a heartbeat every 60-seconds into the Admin Portal. Green means it’s good to go, red means it needs attention. Email notifications can be enabled for a health check report to be sent every morning.

Assign Boxes to Room

Each Vivi receiver has a unique identification number, which allows you to assign the receiver to specific locations and rooms.

Bulk Configuration

You can centrally change settings on the boxes, such as updating admin passwords, changing proxy settings or restarting devices remotely.

Bulk Update

You can centrally update the firmware for your devices, meaning you don’t need to physically go to each box or room to update individually.

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Wesley Splash Screen Example.png

Splash Screens

Splash screens allow you to create a custom image that will be displayed on all Vivi-enabled screens when they aren’t being used for screen mirroring. It’s a great way to show your school logo, communicate how to connect to Vivi or even school-wide news. Splash screens can be customized per location. 


Dashboard Analytics

Our Analytics Dashboard measures how often teachers and students are presenting to the screen, who are the most active users among both groups, how often individual Vivi features are being used and which classrooms can boast the most Vivi activity.



Emergency Broadcast

Vivi’s emergency broadcast feature enables a teacher to instantly activate a Lockdown or Evacuation to every Vivi-enabled screen and device. In the Admin Portal, you can set custom Splash Screens that will be displayed when a teacher triggers the Emergency Broadcast feature. You can also assign “emergency wardens” who will receive an email alert.


ClickView Integration

Vivi supports integrations with other providers of education technology services. In our integration with ClickView, an educational video library, videos on the ClickView website can be streamed directly to the Vivi in your room.